refines existing interactions | introduce new interactions
7 Aug
The art of queueing
31 Jul
Traditional HK fast food shops
24 Jul
2 queues at fast food shops
22 Jul
Suggestions for the weird poles
17 Jul
The weird poles at MTR station
16 Jul
When Design Goes Weird
21 Jun
Our Running Dragon Boat is ready!
8 Jun
Work like Running – HANGmade promotional campaign
17 May
4 easy steps to make your design more user friendly
25 Feb
Marathon and Study Trip in Kyoto 2012
24 Feb
HKTB Halloween site wins in the Mercury Excellence awards
20 Feb
Recruitment sites in Japan
31 Jan
Happy New Year!
15 Dec
HANGmade run in Kyoto Marathon
15 Dec
New HANG|made credential
14 Dec
Christmas Philosophy
5 Nov
Running team
4 Nov
Is there a way to get QR code popular in Hong Kong?
13 Oct
HANGmade winning HK PolyU MDes Branding Campaign
21 Oct
Pain is Inevitable. Suffering is Optional.
10 Sep
Hong Kong Tourism Board – Halloween 2011
15 Aug
Going VIRAL vs. going SOCIAL
11 Aug
HANGmade finally settle down at Innocentre!
25 Jul
HANGmade x Rice5 winning HK Tourism Board Halloween Campaign
15 Jul
HANG|made portfolio book
10 Jul
HANG|made website launch!

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