Hong Kong Tourism Board – Halloween 2011

works[10 Sep 2011]
An Integrated Campaign to drive visitors to HK Halloween 2011

We are responsible to create an integrated campaign for the Hong Kong Tourism Board, to promote Halloween activities held in October. We make use of the hot topic Zombie Fans (彊屍粉) in Weibo, a micro-blogging platform which is very popular in Mainland.

Zombie Fans are inactive fans which are created for a profit basis. They usually ‘attack’ a user account by group. We created a Weibo APP which can trace the number of Zombie Fans of a user account. We tie the Zombie fans with the Halloween idea, and the user can win a package to Hong Kong Halloween by referring the APP to their fans.

Apart from the APP, we also created a minisite with spooky elements to engage the users. The user can also decorate their Facebook Profile Picture in the minigame section.

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