Going VIRAL vs. going SOCIAL

blog[15 Aug 2011]
Although the term VIRAL had been mentioned since 2004, it still remains as a core marketing element in online advertising.

We can still see clients telling us they want the campaign to go VIRAL (rather than go SOCIAL). With the help of the social media, the viral factor becomes more widespread and penetrating to the target audiences.

As you may notice the border between viral and social is blurred. A good viral campaign nowadays relies heavily on social sharing like Facebook, Twitter or Weibo, if the campaign is held in China. According to the latest information by Addthis, if each page sharing generated a second of attention, we would see 90 years of attention daily, and Facebook ‘like’ and Twitter remain the main tools of sharing. So it is almost meaningless of defining what is viral and what is social, the important thing is how they work.

There is not a formula to judge whether a campaign will go viral or social, the only way is to study previous examples, ranged from campaign scale, entry points, major sharing platforms, to campaign tone and manner, style. We will conduct a 4 weeks research for the above study.

Wish to get back with good results! If you have any successful campaigns that would like to share, do not hesitate to tell us!

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