2 queues at fast food shops

blog[24 Jul 2013]
In the old days when you bought some food at fastfood shop, you paid and get the food at the same queue.

I can hardly remember when they separate the queue into 'buy food' and 'get good'.

The good thing about this is obvious - separate the long queue into 2 shorter queues, it is easier to manage and give you a feeling that the waiting time has been shorten:

1. queue 5 mins --> order --> waiting another 5 mins --> get the food

2. queue 10 mins --> order + get the food

Most people thing that (1) is much better.

However, since the queue of getting the food is not well organized, there is greater chance of getting the wrong food. (especially when take away)

Moreover, 2 queues in the same counter is too packed, sometimes I realized I am in the wrong queue after a while...

Which way do you think is better?

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