Suggestions for the weird poles

blog[22 Jul 2013]
We've talked about the weird long poles in front of the escalator. A lot of friends thought that they are useful somehow.

We actually agree - this is the most direct way to stop big luggage from entering the escalator. Its long height might due to someone lifted up the luggage to enter to the escalator before. So by this logic, once there are cases people can still lift the luggage and use the escalator, there is need to increase the height of the poles again?

We might have better ways to do this.

1. Add more warning, slogans, etc. (proved to be useless for the mainlander)

2. I know its a bit silly but having a staff looking at the escalator is a good way.

3. By observation, there are no other alternatives like lift or staircase next to these escalators. Since there are no choices, people use this escalator all the time, even with big luggage.

So the most suitable way should be providing more ways to the people, by building more lifts or staircase. I know the cost would be much higher than just making the poles higher, but shouldn't that the task for MTR?

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