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blog[20 Feb 2010]
Today we are going to talk about an interesting phenomenon. As a web savvy, we often see Japan corporations dedicating great efforts in making a recruitment site to attract applicants - strangely it seems only happens in Japan. This post, as an outsider, will try to talk about why, and we will select some of the sites and invest into their sitemaps.

Although Japan’s economic growth remains low in recent years, its unemployment rate is not high – 4.6% in January 2012, much lower than 8.3% in U.S. Therefore companies are more likely to fight for good candidates, which in turn willing to invest more in hiring sites. While some corporations are willing to seek help from employment agencies, it limits to more senior posts, since the charge is too high – up to 35%, for example in Tokyo. The dedicated sites, as we see, are more targeted to elementary or junior levels.

In general practice corporations actively seek for talents early in Universities, which makes the competitions even more intense. Moreover in the Japan society there is a notion of ‘1 job per lifetime’ – People treat their jobs in royalty, changing job is not often (especially in the same industry), having a good candidate is beneficial to the company for a long tome, and vice versa.

We are not socialists, though. So let’s come to the fun part – the anatomy of these sites.

Apart from the hard information like employment information, about the company, FAQ, etc., most of the sites contain at least 1 of the following:

One day in the company
Messages from current employees
Unforgettable experiences of the employees

This give rooms for the users to imagine what their daily lives would be if they get into the company. Without this, users can hardly imagine what the company looks like - in their eyes.

We've select some of the best recruitment sites here:

It is a famous advertising agency around the globe. Every year it creates a recruitment site, targeted at graduates. The graphics are very nice and fun to see.

Similar to Dentsu, it is another advertising agency. By the way, a lot of recruitment sites are in advertising and media categories. In the i-studio site, it transforms recruitment to a game – you can make your own namecard and rank higher by getting more namecards from the others.

Kansai TV
The site starts by asking what kind of person you are, and match your personality with a color. This makes the site more personalize and more engaging.

Itochu Global Recruitment site
Finally there is a recruitment site for a trading company. The site is neat and tidy, and the use of photo is stunning.

Nittetsu Mining
Mining seems to be an unpopular job category for the graduates. The site, apart from promoting their company, more importantly, is trying to convey graduates about this job category, by nice images and insightful taglines.

Tokushinkai Dental
Recruitment is necessary even for a relatively more professional job category. Filling the site with missionary taglines and smiling faces, Tokushinkai Dental is trying to convey an insightful image of the industry.

After seeing these sites, do your company eager to create 1 to attract good applicants and to promote your company image?

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