HANGMADE is an agency that strives to apply the theory and philosophy of Interaction design into Visual and media design. We believe in human-centered approach of design, by understanding users' desires and behaviors, we provide design solutions that make meaning to both the users and clients.
We also aim to promote interaction design among the industry and the public.

our services

enhances existing interactions and create new forms of interactions

We provide one-stop design solutions, ranged from strategic planning, research, consultancy, to production and execution,with philosophies of interaction design applied in every stage of the design process. We specialized in user flow, interaction patterns, drafting flow charts and carry out user tests, and we apply this in traditional media as well.

  • websites interaction flow | services design | event interactions | branding | information/environmental graphics
  • interactive projections | mobile applications | social media | viral campaigns | any other new interaction flow

design approach

discovery | strategy | design and testing | build and transfer
  • 01research on current trends, technology landscape, existing brand look and feel, competitive audit, business and user needs, etc.
  • 02putting ideas together, through interaction design methods like card sorting, affinity maps, user groups and personas, drafting site maps.
  • 03work on look and feel of the design, with help of prototyping and user testing iteratively, work on IA, wireframes and interactive demos.
  • 04production of the design, if the client will maintain the design themselves knowledge transfer will take place.


Dominic Leung | Marketing Director

HANGmade Design Co-founder, Dominic has more than 10 years creative and management experience, while he develops unique design thinking skills. Throughout the years, he has positioned himself as a passionate graphic and interactive designer,  working in commercial industries and academic field, and has 2 years event marketing experience in Mainland China specialized in digital interaction in exhibition. Meanwhile, Dominic is a Master Graduate in Interaction Design and he is also a visiting lecturer at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Being worked in Beijing and Shanghai, Dominic knows the China market and digital landscape well.

Ted Li | Creative Director

A HANGmade founding partner, Ted has more than 6 years of creative experience, specialized in digital interaction design. While still considering green in the industry, he has been art director in notable agencies like JWT, Bates141, and had played a lead role in recognized digital agency in Hong Kong. Graduated in Master in Interaction design, Ted puts the consumers/users at the center of all brand activities and strives to create better experience for people.

While conscious in delivering user-friendly interaction, Ted is also excited in everything interactive, media that are new and unconventional, which helps him to push the agency and clients into unexplored territory.

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